Medical Services and Research

Head of Medical Services and Research

Singapore, Singapore   |   Part Time

Key responsibilities

Head of Medical Services (HoMS) reports to Executive Director (ED), and is responsible for all health-related functions of HealthServe:

  • Clinic Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • Health Programmes 
  • Research and Advocacy


General: Under oversight of ED, exercise leadership and management over all health-related functions of HealthServe 

Clinic Services (all medical and dental clinics)

  • Give oversight, leadership and management of clinic operations: finance, IT (Clinic Management System), HR (staff, interns, volunteers), facility, medical equipment, consumables, drugs, clinic and patient management processes
  • Ensure compliance to all relevant law and regulations
  • Develop/implement/improve: Policy, Protocols and Procedures
  • Develop new clinical programs
  • Monitor performance, Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement
  • Mental Health Services: Give oversight and leadership of mental health services
  • Health Programmes: Design, Monitoring and Evaluation of health programmes


  • External engagements, talks
  • Students groups
  • Staff, Interns, Volunteers


  • In-house research (academic and operational)
  • Collaborating with researchers in other institutions
  • Advocacy: interacting with MoM, MoH, other actors


Clinic Services:

  •  2-3 Clinic Managers Staff
  • 1-6 Medical Services Interns
  •  ~200 Volunteers

Mental Health Services:

  • 1 Mental Health Programme Manager
  • 1-4 Special Projects Volunteers

Core Competencies

1. Health Facility Management

2. Project / Programme Management

Preferred Competencies

1. Medicine

2. Clinical Quality Improvement

3. Public Health

4. Research

Minimum Characteristics

  • Master’s degree in relevant field (e.g. health administration, public health, social work, business administration)
  • At least 2 years in progressively responsible administrative or management-related position within primary health care environment, preferably for vulnerable populations in the non-profit sector

Preferred Characteristics

  • Previous experience providing services and exercising leadership in a culturally diverse setting
  • Commitment to serve disadvantaged populations

Supervision Received:

  • Executive Director
  • Services Committee (Medical)

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